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By | May 24th, 2013|Reviews|

‘Bamba Surf Club was started by some local kids a little over a year ago but has been virtually inactive due to lack of support and access to a space and equipment over the last few months we have opened a space at the humpbackturtlehostel were the local kids can come and learn about surfing also between us, the humpback and a few locals we have donated boards for the kids to learn all aspects of the surfing lifestyle lots of the boards we have found have been left in basements all over town for years and need a lot of work before they can be surfed so the older kids are learning quickly what it takes to repair and maintain boards the hole process has given these guys a new respect for the ocean they live next to .

This is a project that is becoming very important to us as we see the kids growing and learning, it has offered them a whole new sport and as any surfer knows a reason to get up everyday and stoke out. It is also very powerful for the youth in the community as these kids become role models for the other kids and as tourism grows in the area it opens up a few different options for the boys to work in the tourism industry.


Keep an eye out over the next few months as the club gets more momentum and support we will try to hold some local competitions and events. We are looking now for any kind of support we can get the pacific coast of Colombia is very difficult to find anything in the way of surf equipment and it has already been a big undertaking just to get a few boards together to get these grommits surfing we are quickly running out of fiberglass and resin, we are sharing a few leashes between all the boards and are low on wax but we have made a commitment to these kids and are determined to make sure this club doesn’t go unsupported again.’


Pacifico Tours.


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