Pacifico Tours

Pacifico Tours is an adventure tourism company focused mainly on Surfing, Fishing and Adventure trips to Colombia’s undiscovered Pacific Coast.

We work together with the local community and are committed to social projects like our Surf Club “Bamba Surf”. We act consciously and aim to have the lowest impact we can on the nature we so closely interact with.

Based on our 7 years experience on the pacific coast, we provide the most up to date and accurate information about where to go and what to do on the Pacific coast.

The Humpback Turtle Hostel

‘The Humpback Turtle is the first and only hostel on Playa Almejal. It is located right on the beach, with a vibey bar and delicious restaurant where fresh fish and cold beer are served daily.  You can relax in the hammock watching the waves of the Pacific crash, listening to smooth reggae tunes with the verdant jungle all around.  They offer private rooms, dorm beds, and a campsite, all built of local Wood, bamboo, and Palm thatch roofs, in a rustic yet elegant design.’

Our Valuable Team Members

Angie Pérez
Angie PérezBilingual Administrator
Angie is our very talented and friendly bilingual administrator. She is the channel between you guys and the Pacific Coast, located in Medellin available to answer any of your questions and organize your booking.
Geoff Hughes
Geoff HughesSurfing Teacher
”El Mono” is our Australian surfer that has been living on and off the Pacific Coast over the past three years. Teaching Surfing and taking people on trips, el Mono will be making sure your trip is amazing from start to finish. He has been described on TripAdvisor as ”being enthusiastic about everything”
Tyler Stacy
Tyler StacyHotel Owner
Tyler is the owner operator at the first established hostel on the coast, with his positive vibes he has created a great environment with the village. Ty will be your host at the Humpback Turtle and will help coordinating with Geoff and the local captains to ensure your stay will be unforgettable.

Why Choose Us?

All our guides grew up in the areas we operate and are trusted friends and employees of our operators Tyler and Geoff, they are experts in their fields and the skill level of our captains and fishermen is second to none. The local surf guides are all smiles and love to stoke out in the surf with the tourists and before the end of your trip were are sure you will feel like part of the family.
Our tours only suply the freshes of fresh produce. Whether the food is catched fresh from the ocean or picked from our own tropical fruit trees, we make sure you experience a culinary feast of colour and flavor that will make you come back for more.
Our staff are hard working and friendly. They are all experienced in the hospitallity field and always greet you with a smile. They will always do their best to make you feel like you are one of the family.
Tyler and Geoff will most likely be your tour operators and both guys have a great connection with the people of the surrounding towns and both speak chocoano Spanish, they will make sure your trip is one to be remembered.
The philosophy of pacifico tours is based on nature and community one example of this is our continued support of the local surf club bamba surf we offer the kids a place to come surf, hang out and make lasting friendships.
Pacifico tours acts consciously and responsibly in all its activities. We support local recycling initiatives and beach clean ups. PT is associated with a local sea turtle conservation group and are 100% committed to having the lowest possible impact on the environment around us.